Rampage Clothing - Time Wasters on the Rampage!!

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Time Wasters on the Rampage!

I saw this company on line doing a search for a client. I asked for a quote for the client. When the first person called I thanked him. Called the client. Her son would pay for her work to be done if she let his contractor do it.

I told the next 9 or 10 that the client no longer needed Service Magic. Then I got rude phone calls. Now I have received the second email saying that I am rude and wasted their time.

I did not choose to waste anyone's time. I thought I was going to get to refer to them so they would make money.

Once I realized that I did not have business for them, I told each person who called. I am not responsible if they do not put file notes on line so that others stop calling. I now wonder if each of the 8 or 9 companies who called me realize that there are so many other competitors.

Boo Service Magic. No service, no magic.

I do no agree with the title of their complaint section, either. No need to use such basal terminology in business.

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